katey 10/21-10/26

10/21 kroner.

I don’t know what to write about. ‘You do.’

‘Write about how it’s been so far. Write about how it felt pulling out of town. About the people we’ve met. Write about Terre Haute. Write about Jonathan! Write about how the motor home dripped water. About the crazy storms. About how beautiful it was today, and how shitty it was every other day. Write what we did today, about our long walk. Write about how it’s been with Lio.’

Lio falls asleep to Sigur Ros in the motor home, babbling sense to himself. Chamero curls up on his cheetah blanket atop the designated ‘Chamero’ cushions.

We live in a motor home, in a rambling thing hurling across the land. In a few days Lio turns six months. The day is just a little cold right before the sun comes up. The lights dim just before the heat comes on.

There is a Grimes Lane in Bloomington. We have learned a lot about each other. For instance, I love carports. He didn’t want to leave his bowling ball in my friend’s garage, so we took it with us. It’s riding in the tool box. We told somebody along the way. ‘Those are an important twenty pounds,’ they said.


What’s unexpected is how weird some people are about their reactions to the baby. Sometimes it feels like people think we’re bad parents. Part of me is like, fuck it, this is how we’re raising our child, it’s awesome and it’s in action. (He’ll be fine and we are not fucking him up.) A lot of people our age don’t really know how to interact with babies and make them a part of what’s going on. Other people are 205% awesome.


Everyone reminds me of someone I know, or someone I used to know.

This whole ‘wandering the country’ thing is a lot more fun with this family.

10/24 Sunman Milan/Animal Collective

In the liquor store there was a man and a woman and though the man had never been to Maine, he said the leaves would still be on the trees when we get there. And she hated New York City. And California. There was a whole list of places she’d been that she’d hated. They praised what we are doing, said they couldn’t understand why anyone would want to live in the city.

So we drank raspberry shock top & flew through the hills of Indiana. They baby, singing and talking and shouting and playing his little electronic keyboard in the backseat, as we’re leaving one show, headed to Cincinnati.

Illinois was raining. Some of my best friends made us dumplings and we played music and Lio won everybody over. Terre Haute was cold and raining. Then it was cold for two days in Bloomington, but finally it warm and gracious as all hell. Bloomington felt like the Utrecht of the Netherlands, like the tiny place you’d come to call home.

I think the reason we came to Bloomington was to meet Jonathan. First off he was great to us at our first show. He emanated this peace & acceptance & awesomeness, the best badass without trying. He invited us to stay at his place. We spent a night there after one of our shows. That were playing a big Halloween show that night. Actually I think the guy who was running our show was headed over to Jonathan’s show after we got done, cos he stood before me as we left, “Who am I, who am I?” And it turned out he was J. Pheonix on David Letterman. I was unfamiliar and lamely guessed, “Uh, a blues brother.”

Before work Jonathan played some of his album for us and holy crap, those guys are so great. Dreamers of the Ghetto. I am so inspired by them & just haven’t been in spirit with a musician like this in awhile. Some of the most genuinely best, nicest, most accepting & calming & inspiring people I have met in a long time! It was so important to know, as we were setting off on our tour, that people like this still exist. Even if it’s just them. While we are working on an album this is major fuel, of excitement.

I told him about the Halloween costume & he filled us in on the “I’m Still Here” documentary, which we’ve been watching a little of here and there.

Now we’re headed toward civil war territory by way of western NY state & New England. The day gets dim; we begin to move toward finding a place to camp at the first signs of lesser light.

10/25 cincinnati

We want to find a place to live before Lio is five and starts school. To do this we are traveling around the country playing shows.

We’ve been making our way so gradually that the east coast is sneaking up on us. Twenty-three miles from Cincinnati, we still feel like we’re in the middle of nowhere.

A knock at the camper door.
‘Did someone just knock.’
‘I think so.’
‘Hey, man, I just gotta ask you one question.’ This grungy harmless-looking kind slob is standing there.
‘What’s that.’ I hop out, feel my wallet, slam the door my son plays behind.
‘How man miles to the gallon you guys get in this thing?’
‘Ah, like twenty.’
‘Aw man. I haven’t seen one of these things in a long time. A little four-cylinder?’
‘Yeah, four speed.’
‘Aw, man. How long you had it?’
‘Like six months.’
‘Aw man. You traveling all over then?’
‘Aw man. I just had to come over. That’s awesome. I had to come over! That’s awesome!’
‘… Thanks.’
“Aw, man.’ He lumbers back off toward the filling station.

10/26 en route, Cincinnati to Jamestown, NY

Lio turned six months yesterday. We didn’t really celebrate but we were joking all day with him that we were only going to give him half of stuff, like half his meals and half a diaper and half a hug or whatever. Oh my Lio is quite the little hugger. It is seriously heart melting to have your kid reach out for you to hold them, cos they love you. Fuck yeah.

Tonight we see Hawk’s Canadian relatives and tomorrow maybe we’ll go to Niagra Falls or something.


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