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The boxes that came with Christmas this year were definitely inspiring. Among Lio’s presents was a giant playpen decorated with bugs that rattle and bees that squeak for when he’ll accompany me as I work in the garden come spring. My imagination was thrilled to use the long box the pack and play came in, along with the enormous box the shipping company put the other box into before it made its way to us. Within moments of unpacking it, I knew I’d make Lio a little play house.

A few weeks (and a ton of play-time) later, I realized the house would be even better if I could use it as a desk to work at while Lio played at my feet. Thus, the coffee table play house was born.

With new materials from a local lumber store, the total for what was used was about $8 (this includes a few nails, support beams, the table surface wood, and a slab of 1″ for the base to make the whole thing sturdier). I used cut-up soda and cereal boxes from next door’s recycling for the shingles, and we had some construction paper which I used for the chimney bricks and planter. Next up? Curtains, some more decorating, and perhaps a car port!

Below are pictures from various stages of shingling, playing, and table makin’.