That Was Yesterday

Yesterday the waiting room offered a spread of forty wrinkled, grimy Redbook magazines dating back to 1997. When the sea was parted, one single, pristine, three-quarters-decent parenting magazine was discovered beneath the fold; I flipped to a sidebar devoted to snippets of women bragging up on their husbands. One woman recalled that every year on January 11th, her husband surprises her with a present, not because it’s the day they got married or the day they began dating, but because it is the anniversary of the day they first met. Cue the ‘awwws.’

You’d think it would’ve tripped a wire, but it didn’t. When I returned home to reaching toddler arms and a fresh pot of coffee, Hawk grinned as he handed me a little note he’d written commemorating… the anniversary of the day we first met, just two years ago on a quiet little street in Omaha.



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  MOM wrote @

a Happy Anniversary is in order!


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