i love stuff that its first ingredient is beer. like, beer! and, um, this amazing body wash made from beer from ‘beer city usa,’ asheville, nc (where, i’ve been told, there are more microbreweries per capita than almost anywhere in the u.s.)

the premise is that people used to (still do?) bathe themselves in a spa of beer for relaxation and beautific results. personally, i’ve always wondered why my skin looks (i should say ‘looked,’ cos i haven’t had one of ‘those’ nights in almost two years) its most incredible after an all-night booze train. hydration? do i stand alone here? is it beer’s amazing, healing properties? this bodywash doesn’t answer that question — hell, i can’t even pronounce it — but it’s pretty frickin awesome. i’ve used it as a face wash (insert yamaha sound 89 ‘vibes’ major chord here) & tonight, after that brief window of intense manual-labor-garden-time where it’s both still light enough out to see and my child is sleeping, i used it in the shower. honestly, my arms feel kinda itchy (i’m a hyper-sensitive-skinned baby-soap kinda gal), and the ‘citrus’ burst mixed with the beer wasn’t as smoothly shock-topy or garnished-blue-moony as i’d hoped — and when i got it in my eyes, it burned like mad hell — but hey, did i mention its first ingredient is beer?! i mean, it says “pale ale” on the front!!! not to mention that it was FREE due to some maniacal promotion at hawk’s work — regularly $14 (which is roughly $13.5 more than i might ever spend on a soaplike product). now my skin is smooth. like, REALLY smooth. like, crazy smooth. seriously. $14 smooth? *shrugs, unsure.* i guess we’ll see when the bottle’s empty.

oh, okay, it’s pronounced “brew.” duh. (at least that’s what i’m gathering after reading this, http://www.broo.com/meet-founders.php and seeing how they capitalized both “BROO” and “DO.” i take it this means they rhyme.) i definitely love the story behind this product line. it’s about love, it’s about natural ingredients, it’s about parental advice from the 70s, and, perhaps most importantly, it’s about delicious micro-brewed beer.



And here’s the beer in the BRÖÖ (said with minimal sarcasm after reading their enthusiastic website in its entirety):


after Use One, i grant this product forty-five stars out of sixty-seven stars! maybe even fifty. check the comments in a couple months to see how many stars are awarded in the Test of Time.

(did i mention my skin is SUPER smooth right now?! buuuut my arms are also kinda itchy. paradox!)


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