Hear Nebraska

Today, Thursday, May 17, is the singular day during which dollars donated to non-profit HearNebraska.org will be doubled by a matching arts grant! Check it:

This week we had the distinct pleasure of shooting a video with Nebraska’s Love Drunk Studio, who are on tour shooting live, one-take videos of bands across the country. We had a totally magic two days shooting a video for one of our new songs in an abandoned barn in the woods behind our house here in North Carolina. Collaborations like these fulfill HearNebraska’s mission of extending from their state out to the national arts scene. This is a wonderful chance to attract an exchange of artists back to their home, linking the national music scene right up with the local plight. But you don’t have to take my word for it! (Er, yes you do!)

HearNebraska.org is all that and so much more. This team is known for their steadfast journalism and respectful coverage of music culture, both in their home of Nebraska and everywhere they go to plant new seeds of friendship.

Learn more about this organization from the founders themselves:

Anyone can donate any amount of ten dollars or more to not only have their dollars doubled for this one day only — but for the chance to win a sweet custom-made electric guitar.


(Click here to read a little more about how this matching grant works!)


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