The Future is Ours To See: Terence McKenna (by The Golden Hearts)

Once upon a time, a song was written for Hawk’s thirty-first birthday to commemorate the scene we have explored, and the great beyond we have yet to discover. Some words had been rattling around in my brain for awhile.

The product was this, on that January cusp day:

After it was written, I was hoping it would become a Golden Hearts song. I sang it to Hawk for his birthday that night, and we decided it would be a good fit thematically for the album. A few days later, we sat down with one guitar and one pen and jotted some lyrics on the cover of a Triad arts rag.

When we had a loose idea of what we wanted to say, we began recording. Putting our new idea through The Golden Hearts song mill, we both added drums, and Hawk did the initial keys, while I zoned out on really loud electric. I think eventually we both ended up playing every instrument, which is what usually happens when we record.

Here is where we’re at with it now:

Terence McKenna is the person who I’d choose to date in the classic “If you could have lunch with anybody living or dead” sentiment. He was an orator, giving talks at conferences and special events all over the world from the seventies into the nineties. His own dialogue was tripped by hallucinogens, including bouts with shamans in the Amazonian rainforests, journeys into Mexican occult and myth, studies of botany, the archaic, archetypal landscapes, and all of the best and brightest minds of his time. His lectures are seamless, fluid exerpts from the human experience sprinkled with immense emphasis on historical context and presence. His paper-thin ego is buried under mounds of experience. Terence speaks the language of inspiration, muse, encouragement and understanding. It’s a realm that goes toward all those big thoughts you had when you were a kid that are somehow still bigger than you, even today. We stand together at the window, looking out. The street is lined with palm trees.


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