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Big Waves of Pretty

Had a beautiful time this week with a stellar new band of friends, Big Waves of Pretty from Wisconsin/Memphis. Spent three days playing shows, drumming with Lio, making big pots of food and french press after french press of coffee, giving Chamero high-fives and cuddles, playing Trick Horse with Lio’s little basketball hoop, soldering pedals, swapping music and books, talking about much our mutual friends kick ass, and making weird syphons out of half-Pepsi bottles and cut hoses from under the kitchen sink in order to get gas into an empty tank. Also, Spencer’s lighter literally exploded in his hand for no reason! How exciting. We had a big slumber party last night and watched Wild At Heart all curled up on the living room floor. The glory ended this afternoon with the band giving us a private house concert before they left. Um, hell yeah. Love you guys. Y’all come back now, ya hear?