Garlic and Ear Infections


I woke in the night with the clogged ear broke, piercing pain coming through the center of my head in an infectious, eerie way. The pain was freaky! I felt like I was giving birth in my skull. Okay, it’s three in the morning. After pacing the house wildly, practically weeping, and a three am conversation with Hawk about how much ear infections suck, he said, “Plug it up, put an earplug in it.” Then I saw my pal Tara hovering over me, speaking words through a hazy fog: “Shove some garlic in your ear!” I remembered her saying she had cured an ear infection using raw garlic – or something close enough to that statement to give it a shot. I mean, what else was I going to do at three in the morning? “I think Tara said to put garlic in it,” I said. “Really?” said Hawk. I went into the kitchen, opened a fresh husk, broke the stuff off, and skinned the surface of the clove gently with a sharp knife to expose the flesh, then stuffed it in my ear.

It fit perfectly. The clove is totally shaped like a hearing aid and so fits just so within the ear, with the small part going down the canal and the big part just kind of locking in place.

Garlic in the Ear

I settled into bed and tried to relax enough to fall asleep despite the searing pain in my ear. Almost immediately, the pain felt muted. The next thing I noticed was my ear suddenly got a lot of warmth – probably since so much heat is released through the ears, and I was plugging one up. It felt nice, like a warm candle. It stung, in a very mild, pleasant, antiseptic, cleansing way. The whole ear got very hot, the garlic essences snuck deeper in to my ear cavities, and within maybe seven minutes, the pain sensation was totally gone.

When I woke up, my ear felt like a superhero!

Now I’m walking around the house with garlic stuffed in both my ears. But, so what!

Why does it work? “Garlic is a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal ingredient.” More here and here.


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