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we’re navigating. we’re all navigating these new times.


This is our album! It’s called “Home Address For Civil War.” It will be out later this summer on Bar/None Records, and you can preorder it here at Bar/None. Artwork and script for our album created by Jason Vogel, layout designed by David Richman, and music mastered by Jon Marshall Smith. James Finch wrote the words to 3 of the songs. Really this whole thing has been conducted by the poetic waving arms of Mark at Bar/None, a true Artist’s Mentor. Thanks, Mark, for all you do. We couldn’t possibly be any happier about the creative process of the last year of our lives.

You can support the modern American family w./ preorder now here or buy it August 13 in person, at shows & at stores as well as at barnone.com. Check out our label bio! Then head over here and tell everyone you know!