Music Video’in

Our best bud John P. Campbell flew down from the Big Apple this past weekend to film our new music video! John combined his talent filming families honed from his Teen Mom days with the oddities of working for VICE and the home stylin’s of HGTV to yield what is sure to be an E/E classic. We have a long creative history with John and hope to take him on someday as our travelin’ A/V dude.

Incredibly early mornings followed super late nights. We had to shimmy filming around our work schedules which mostly meant shooting from 10 pm and beyond, then getting up at 6 to consume unhealthy and possibly toxic amounts of coffee at our day jobs to get by. By the end we were all pretty delirious, except for our son Lio, who of course got plenty of sleep throughout this whole thing and ran the expected circles around Ma and Pa as time elapsed.

On the last night, John lit and shot about five or six different scenes by himself in four hours, which I hope he submits for some kind of Guinness record. I don’t have too many pictures from the filming of the video, but here are few from the last night…

Picture by JPC:


John sets up lighting for one of our scenes. We’re a super blanket-forty family. Mom and Dad have a blanket fort over their bed, son-son has a blanket fort over his bed, there are blanket forts in two rooms in the house… you get the idea. I can’t really forsee a day when a good ol’ blanket fort will not a) make the cut of our home decor, and b) be truly freaking awesome and easy on the eyes. Thus, John built and lit a set-fort for our shoot:




Here, John shows me how to stance my riff scene using a kid’s rake:


The man himself:


Every artistic endeavor needs a good old fashioned “OMFG what have I gotten myself into” moment:


Makin’ duck shadows:


Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 10.45.12 AM

Because of the extreme wattage of the lights used to film, we attracted every moth and bug in Guilford County when we filmed a hose scene outside at 1 a.m. When we opened the door to transport the equipment back in the house, pretty much all of those bugs swarmed into our kitchen. Somehow the best quick-fix on-the-fly (get it?) solution to that problem was duct-taping a butterfly net to the ceiling over the kitchen light:


We can’t wait to see what JPC does with all the footage! Thank you, John, and good luck!


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