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46 Times

Here I am in James and Lara’s apartment, alone (napping kiddo) for seemingly the first time in the month since this tour began. It was all scattering feet and chaos and chaos and chaos and bringing food in from the van and friends and rocking out and Lio talking about bulldozers and shows and carrying equipment in and out and out and in and driving and meeting bands and setting up merch and then, POOF! Lull. Everyone is going home.

In a sad but glorious goodbye, Ben and Matt took off for Omaha this morning, where giant metal pods will sear them through space and time and deliver them home to their lovely ladies and cat/dog, respectively. I am uplifted after traveling with such two badass and wonderful people for the last month. In hindsight (they left about an hour ago) it was pretty fucking incredible. Together, we met in Greensboro, practiced for two days, then played 17 shows, including two festivals (Hopscotch in Raleigh and Maximum Ames), did a Love Drunk session, recorded a Daytrotter session, recorded a radio in-studio for KRNU at Fuse Recording in Lincoln, traveled something like over 4000 miles, and went to see Yo La Tengo. We sat at bars and watched football and shimmied cables along thin stretches of slim stage real estate. You guys, we were doing this! We were living on the road for four weeks playing shows and raising a son and taking our dog on walks and runs. We were pushing notes together at various frequencies and nodding and bouncing around. We were a four-piece. Ah, those were the days!

Our tour quote was, “If I didn’t have to TELL YOU 46 TIMES!” in a southern accent, after witnessing some pretty intense bickering between two country-style southern dudes with some drug histories outside of the venue at Hopscotch. The first guy was being real reasonable, trying to give directions or have a simple exchange. And the second guy stormed off, shouting in this drunken prima-donna way, “Well if I didn’t have to TELL YOU 46 TIMES!” If I’ve ever witnessed some kind of classic moment, this was the one.

Our Tour Family was pretty solid. Mom and Dad, a two-year-old, a tour pooch, and two other band members, sometimes with an extra babysitter. They loved and perhaps even came to understand our hyperactive border collie/coyote dog Chamero, and for that, I am grateful. And now they are basically family to Lio, which is beyond meaningful to us all.

I feel like Lio might feel like he’s in the cast of “Three Men and a Baby,” or “Full House,” or something. Here are all these goofy, quippy adults with a wavering adeptness at popular culture shooting one-liners and introducing him to cool family friends and playing games and kidding around with him and dealing with everyday life. I feel like he likes it a lot. He enjoys the freedoms of millions of new activities. He loves Matt and Ben and John and all of our dear friends. He truly knows them. They are his pals, too, and have a unique and independent relationship than ours. For our friends who know and love Lio, which may be one and the same, we are very fortunate. He is so lucky to have so many amazing adults in his life.

In the coming days, Hawk and I will rest and practice and figure out new songs. We’ll start some demos and kick it with our best songwriting pal, James Finch. When we hit the road again later this week, we’ll be a lonely little two-piece, but I bet we’ll both still hear the band playing in the background for awhile.