We recorded our Daytrotter session this morning, after waking up at 6:30 to eat sandwiches and not shower and roll our things up and pack up and head out to the van…and make trips carrying bedding, suitcases, cooler, bags, more bags, down flights of really tall Chicago stairs, down half a block… and back up… it was dim and cool, and the street people smiled at us even though we were so so so groggy. We played a house show in the basement of a three-story artist’s paradise in Chicago last night, a night after playing at the college in Beloit. Which was the day after a 15+ hour drive from NYC. It traces back two weeks now! Of awesome shows and good times and great fucking people.

Our Daytrotter recording was so much fun, definitely a highlight for me (among many on this trip) and I think for all of us, as a crew, as a team, as a roving pack of wild sweaty people who like to bash on instruments. The engineer, Mike, was this super guy who spent a lot of time figuring out where we were coming from and honing in on our mix. It put the recording bug in me 1000x more than I already feel. Something about wires and levels and headphones and mixes in a recording setting is just the best feeling. I’m excited to continue to figure out our live instrumentation as a four piece, and to see how far we can push ourselves next month when we go back to a two piece now that we’ve had a full band. But there are so many songs sitting in the brim of out hearts that what I truly truly truly can’t wait for is to hide out and record our next album. I have thousands of miles to look forward to this!






We got to hang with our label peeps in New York this weekend. They came to both our shows in the city to support us. It was like this big fucking awesome sigh. OH MY GOD THESE PEOPLE ARE SO FUCKING AWESOME THEY ARE SO FUCKING HUMBLE AND COOL AND FUN TO TALK TO AND AMAZING and just this feeling that we get to work with these people, that we get to spend time with these people, that we, in fact, have to communicate with them by reason of logistics. I wonder if we really can be artists, with this fucking team! Do we really get to be artists?!?! Wait, what the fuck just happened here?!

Beloit: Hawk and I love playing for younger crowds because they are so hopeful and give so much sweet energy. Beloit made me super nostalgic about when I was really young and at college. I realized a big difference between me now and the me of my youth is that, at 29, I don’t romanticize depression.

In the bathroom in the Beloit College’s Women’s House, there are many things hanging on the walls. Poems about how it is okay to find your own stride. Inspirational shit. Also shit about cigarettes, and boys, and cheesy stuff. That was totally me at eighteen, and I’m glad. But a lot more awaits. One of the signs said “Someone once told me the definition of hell: The last day you have on Earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.” That one really punched me in the gut after I stood up from taking a whiz and was washing my hands. Wow, I thought. Yowza. All of a sudden it was like, embarrassing to give anything less than 100%. And the easy fixes and corrections to chiropractor my soul seemed evident. I felt entirely and suddenly effortlessly ready to participate in a big change.


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