Love Drunk!

If there’s one set of moments strung together that make time stand still, it’s recording a Love Drunk session. I can’t believe we filmed our third such piece yesterday (the second for E/E), this time in Omaha, in an alley behind the Muller’s photography studio in Benson.


Love Drunk is a project by Django G-S, where he and his crew film live, one-take songs of bands. We chose the song “Over and Over.” Here’s Django teaching Lio about aperture. (I actually have no idea what they are talking about.)


Last year, Django and the Love Drunk crew came to North Carolina on part of their eastern seaboard video tour. Hawk and I figured out how to play a song together from the album we were working on, and had a great experience filming for an afternoon, then getting to know the crew as they took a rest at our home for a couple of days.


This time, we added Matt and Ben, our travelin’ band, to the live mix so we could rock out a little more. We only have Matt and Ben for a few more shows, and it’s starting to get to that super sad time when we have to start thinking about saying goodbye. (We don’t want to think about it.)


I’m so glad we’ll have this perma-documentation of our time as a four-piece band.

Thanks for Django and his cool rag-tag crew of gentle souls for taking the time to work with us!


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