I am writing from a driveway here:


It’s a two year old’s paradise, and Lio is using a rake, shovel, a pair of tongs, and an arsenal of bulldozers to create a dirt road system. He’s also playing a game were he runs up and down a board throwing single rocks at a time over the edge.



It’s perfectly silent out here. Yesterday we took back roads to New Mexico, stopping to visit friends along the way. We saw Paula in La Jara, then we saw Rocky in San Acacio. Proof:




The show in Taos was awesome, a spirited attendance. Before the show started, an anonymous donor made a gas fund contribution. Bobby J G had set the show up, and we laughed and reminisced and all that while setting up. When he booked the Seco Pearl, I used to play there when I came to Taos.



Now the boys sleep in the wood-stoved house while Lio and I adventure outside. Later we’ll go to Taos and eat breakfast and explore. Our cell phones don’t work out here, so we’re just livin’ life. It’s heartwarming to me. I’ve spent so much time on these roads, in these little pockets of the southwest. It’s hard to believe the trip continues – that this is only day three. Show three is tonight in Amarillo.

Update: Lio wandered into the sagebrush fields while we were playing hide-and-seek and got quite lost. He was way out there, calling back when we called to him. My legs are stinging from running through the fields at top speed, the gnarled branches slicing my bare shins, to get to him. When we got out there he was composed, his shoe had fallen off.

Our host Sarah-



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