I wrote on my napkin that Amarillo is the kind of place where people come up to you after the show to make sure you have a place to stay. I drank herbal tea all night. It felt great. We got a super hip, young crowd who bought albums and made us feel really good. After the show I think, “Okay, that was it, we’re a band now.” Like maybe up until now, it has all been one long practice session. The 806 and its staff are very welcoming, and our host Lindsey stays back to watch Lio while her partner Devin checks out the show. We have awesome conversations with several people after we play. It’s rejuvenating, like somehow this little Texas town gets us.


Lio is amazing during the long drive to Amarillo. When we get to our hosts’, he flattens out and is suddenly weary. Hawk and Conor head to the venue to scope it out and unload. I hang back to play with Lio and Zephyr, who is nearly a year old. Lindsey is a beautiful, calm mama. It’s no wonder Z. smiles all the time. The kids pretend to be cats and take each other’s cars and fire engines and eat an avocado and that kind of thing. Lio is a little punchy and unrestful, maybe too tired to not feel overstimulated by a new room full of awesome baby toys and people. We tuck him in before we leave, but after we’re gone he gets out of bed and goes to watch a movie with the rest of the family, I feel so lucky that these new friends are taking such good care of our son, that he feels so safe and loved when we go to play shows.



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