“I feel like I am not going to be able to write about this til tonight,” I scribbled on a slip of paper.



We pulled into Ranger Creek Brewery in the midst of a heavy rain. Puddles and mud grew exponentially as we ran inside to see where to load in, and to talk to the staff about maybe playing inside, instead of outside as planned. There had been talk of canceling the event, but luckily a little rain never hurt anyone. By the time we met our promoters, the Music for Listeners duo of Orlando and Michael, the space was filled with hundreds of happy San Antonians ready to sip away their afternoon. They wore ponchos and held umbrellas, snaking back and forth outside waiting in massive lines to get delicious beer.







Oh a whim, since the other band had to cancel, we asked if Conor could open the show. This idea was met warmly. Suddenly he had a show in front of hundreds of people instead of just watching Pee-Wee Herman in the van with Lio. (By the way, the two of them do an amazing Large Marge impersonation.)

Michael and Orlando are awesome. They ask if we will do a three-hour radio show for them sometime, and we nod without a moment’s hesitation. We talk Yo La Tengo for so long that I feel like I’ve accomplished something – like I’ve been studying and critical thinking about real subject matter. Michael from Music for Listeners met Terence McKenna in 1997. I do the math and am continuously unphased yet saddened by TMK’s early departure. I am so entranced by this fellowship of TMK and YLT. And not only are we playing this huge brewery party – but we are playing for MFL again tonight, in San Antonio, with an electronic band Michael says he hasn’t seen in almost 15 years. Reuniting for tonight. Is today the most epic day or tour, ever? (Answer: Yes.)

Ranger Creek Brewery simply rules. The patrons were from all over San Antonio and beyond. It’s clear that the Brewery’s open houses are a staple of entertainment for a ton of people, one of those things you always just show up for, knowing it’ll be a great time. The staff did a flawless job, and we got to talk to lots of people who work for the Brewery and/or who have been coming for years. Before we left, one of the bartenders got the attention of a brewer, who snuck us into a back room and unearthed two bottles of fine whiskey for our trip, as well as two commemorative Ranger Creek glasses. Score! We decided we’d drink a bottle with Desi once she gets here, and save the other for a special occasion, maybe even something years down the line. It’s that good!

I text our label to tell them the show rocks while Lio pulls his “house” down (velcro curtains we’ve attached to the ceiling so he can sleep). Lio is the greatest kid on earth:


After Ranger Creek, we pile into the van and drive to the hotel. Michael from MFL hangs with us. We order pizza and relax, and are only there for a little bit before running off to our next show. We play at Hi-Tones, a SA staple. The first band, formerly Fun Machine (hey, we know all about cease and desists!), now AM Transistor Ghost, open the night. Orlando tells us how they used to be a band 16 years ago, went their separate ways, and reunited to play this show, practicing for 6 hours just that morning after their Moog came out of the shop. They were awesome. I hope we get to see them again sometime! Also, I want a fucking Moog! Tele Novella headlined with wild headbands of luster and flower.









I just really need to reiterate how cool Michael and Orlando are. Such kind hosts and such lovers of music – their passion is contagious, and we’re so psyched they’re our new buddies. We’re playing a day show for them in Austin on Thursday, aw yeah! More fun to be had.


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