When we got back to our hotel in San Antonio after the show it was 2AM, but with Daylight Savings f’ing us, it was actually 3. We walked through the door and Lio was croupy. He’s only had a croup cough once, when he was very small, over a year ago. At the time it was so freaky to hear that seal rattle coming from a kid. Our midwife (who became Lio’s pediatrician after he was born) suggested rotating bouts of Tylonel and Advil at the time, which we travel with. We steamed out the bathroom by running hot water incessantly until Lio calmed down. Hawk cradled him in his arms, swaying back and forth. We put Lio back to sleep, and Hawk flew off to buy a humidifier. He returned around 4:30 AM, we plugged it in, rocked Lio some more, and finally fell into bed around 6:00. At 8:00 we awoke, knowing we had another long drive ahead to Dallas. Lio was still coughing, and we were running behind, but we packed up and jumped into the van. I drove while Hawk caught up on sleep.

We gave Lio some melatonin, and he slept. By the time we got to Dallas, Lio was chipper and alert, happily back to his old self while his nose ran and his little cough surfaced just once in awhile. He’s such a tough kid.

Our show in Dallas was a SoFar Sounds secret show! We loaded in to a crazily posh and fabulous hotel called Nylo, met the other bands, and set up our gear backstage – which was poolside. I had only slept a couple hours and was pretty shaky from the long drive, but the sunshine felt great, and the warmth of the promoters and audience was genuine. Sofar Sounds is an international movement of secret concerts that attendees RSVP to, not knowing where the show will be (only that it’s in their city) nor who will be playing. They have a reputation for bringing eclectic bills together, and this was no exception – Brittish crooners, jazz piano, and stompy honkey-tonk with a shoegaze band. Cool.

Lio jumped in mud puddles and moved dirt with his tractor set outside while the party finished up. We met so many wonderful people that I developed a Perma-Smile®. I did feel really crazy after staying up all night with Lio, driving, hot sun, etc, so I didn’t feel super confident about my personal performance, but everyone was so overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the event that it was hard to hold onto the thought that I wish I’d done better. It was such a unique and beautiful program to be a part of that it almost felt selfish to consider each act or band as a separate entity. After all, we’re musicians, and we’re all in this together!

After the show, we drove to our host’s home in Little Elm. We popped Lio in the bathtub and I finally laid down. I tried to stay in bed and rest, but when I heard The Last Waltz being broadcast over their TV, I had to get up and join in the fun. I think I would have regretted not spending social time with such incredible hosts and people as Ryan and Niki. Niki is a lifelong Texan, and Ryan is an Iowa boy like Hawk. They have a six-week-old baby named Otis who is so darling and wonderful I think my ovaries started to pang a little. I just can’t thank these guys enough for making us so comfortable and opening their home to us. They even sent us off with snacks and travel fare. We love Texas!













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