First thing Monday morning, we said goodbye to our Truman-show-like amazing host family (I kept expecting a stage light to fall out of the sky b/c they were so absolutely perfect) of Ryan, Niki, Otis, and Maddy the sweet dog, and confused ourselves over and over at the Dallas airport to finally come face to face with this shining star:



Look how HAPPY we are to see Desi!!!


We chatted, we drove, we ate road snacks and had divine rest stop experiences hill-rolling and tractor-ing and stuff like that. We made it to Austin in no time and got to work enjoying the sun.



We hit up an incredible thrift store where I tried on about 20 dresses with Desi. We got Lio a dump truck as promised for his overall admirable road behavior, and Hawk got some cutoff shorts. He tried on a few pairs of pants to be hilarious, like gigantic overalls that were already hanging in his dressing room, and male jeggings. Conor browsed books and cat napped in a comfy-looking rocking chair while we pursued for a mind-numbing length of time. After dropping Conor off with his Austin hosts, we made our way to Hawk’s pal Joel’s house to settle in for the week. We broke open our Ranger Creek whiskey, sat back, and enjoyed getting to know one another while mentally stretching our road legs. It felt SO GOOD (and still does!) to be in one place for more than a few hours! Woohoo!

The night ended with a dual performance book reading. It is such a pleasure to see Lio so cozy and happy. I know I always say this, but I just love that we get so spend so much great time together as a family on tour – and with our best friends, too.



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