Day 11: SxSW

The Ham Solo:


The Ham Solo is a 50’s “Canned Ham” mobile home in which a couple of cool dudes decided to start a live acoustic video series in Austin. We did a quick acoustic cover of “Over and Over” and were asked questions about Star Wars, a topic both of us know practically nothing about.

Cold Towne Theater Day Party:

ct 2

ct 3

ct 4


After Ham Solo we kicked it over to Cold Towne Theater, where a few people were assembling for the day’s Sx party. We drank Lone Star and hung out with Tony and Neil. It was a super intimate space. My new touring goal became to be able to play & hopefully fill intimate spaces like Cold Towne.

Official Show @ Valhalla:

Bridget McQuillan 1
Photo by bridget mcquillan

Bridget McQuillan 2
Photo by bridget mcquillan

Bridget McQuillan 3
Photo by bridget mcquillan

Bridget McQuillan 4
Photo by bridget mcquillan

sxw buddies

valhalla conor
Photo by Conor


Official show was a blast. Old Flame bands Dead Stars, Sw/wm/ng, & Mean Creek, and Bar/None bands us, Ezra Furman, & The Front Bottoms joined forces for a rowdy night of music. Everything about the show was a complete whirlwind – hanging out with so many of my favorite people, not being able to say goodbye to them, loading in, setting up, meeting folks, conversing, swapping gear, packing up, loading out, parking, the furious pace of bands. It was kind of a perfect night that flew by in little, wild segments.


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