Day 13: Norman, Oklahoma


We woke up way too early, forgetting many things in Joel’s apartment. We carried our 86 bags down to the van. We said goodbye.

Widely regarded as the “weirdest show on tour,” Norman, Oklahoma was a rather strange first stop after our departure from Austin. We were set to play an early show, and arrived to a bar full of smoking pool players drinking Pabst and listening to Modest Mouse. Hawk started off with a solo set while I went next door to a burger place to get us food. When I returned, he was playing “War Comes Home” to a vastly uncomfortable crowd. At the end of the song, though, everyone clapped appreciatively. E/E played next. We were loud and all of the people in the bar were sitting on the opposite end of the room. Oddly enough, although some inexplicable potentially drug-fueled/politically oppressive vibe permeated the room, we met a bunch of super nice people who were into it. It really wasn’t our crowd, but then, magically, it was. Conor ended the night with a The Changing Colors set. I think he also thought the whole night was bathed in weirdness, but he did a great job, and the crowd really liked it. Not sure how to coincide the obvious out-of-place feeling with the fact that it wasn’t a bad show, financially or friend-making wise. Not sure I want to ponder it much longer, either.

We took turns watching Lio in the van (Desi made half the van into a giant “dog house fort” which went over quite well), and were out of there by 8:30, Norman on our heels.


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